Why make soap from beer?


Soap with Beer? Yep – I’ve made it before and I’m just getting time to box it up now. I love the way that beer soap makes my skin feel after I’m done washing with it. And despite what your thinking, the high salt content does not make it drying like one might imagine. The salt makes the bar harder and longer lasting, and with a good long cure time helps to create a rich lather that is a joy to wash with.

Beer has been used for a long time to help improve the look and feel of hair, so why not soap? I started making it for Father’s Day for the guy who has everything (except Beer Soap that is) and now it’s caught on that I’m going to add it to my regular line.

I needed a good long cure, as I make it as a Salt Bar and Salt Bars needs a good amount of time to cure to really make them a great bar of soap.

I just pulled out two batches that I made this summer and am boxing them up for shows later this month, but I will also be putting them on my website for sale.

Because of the salt in the bars they are a heavier bar, coming in just above 6.25 ounces, compared to my regular Handmade Soaps that come in at 4 and 5 ounces.

Keep a look out for it, and now, it won’t leave you smelling like last night’s pub crawl.

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