Tax Season Sale!

We are having a Tax Season sale at Body by M.

Save 15% off all items May 1-17, 2014 by using code TAX2014 at checkout.

Check out our favorite products when we have to deal with lots of paper!


Solid Lotion Push-Up Stick.  This keeps our hands soft and help with those pesky papercuts.

It won’t spill on your desk and get your tax documents messy!


Cucumber-Melon Handmade Lotion-Soap. Scented with our Cucumber-Melon fragrance oil this is a wonderfully indulgent soap

that combines the benefits of soap and lotion into one bar.


Renewal Ultra Luxury Cream. Our most luxurious cream for hand and body. Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, and Jojoba Oil in an Aloe base,

with the additions of Glycerine and Dimethicone, makes this cream perfect for skin that needs the most TLC.


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