FOUND: A Letter to Santa in a wine bottle – help me find the author! – Update

12/25/13 – Our local news, KTVU Channel 2 for the San Francisco Bay Area, did an interview with my husband and myself today and aired it on the 5 PM news. Here is the link to the story. 


My husband was helping his mother clean her dock at her house in Alameda, CA. She lives off of East Shore Drive, which is a quiet street in Alameda, when he found a green wine bottle laying on the beach. He noticed that it had a note in it and retrieved it.

The bottle has hand written on it it gold lettering. “2011 Old Wild Vine Meritage”. The cork says “The Prisoner” on the side of it (after we took it out of the bottle). It was clear before we opened it that it had been well sealed as the paper inside appeared dry and undamaged.


We opened it tonight, not knowing what we would find. The cork came out cleanly with no damage to it, and the letter was fairly easy to remove.


We noted that the letter had been held into it’s tight roll with a black wire twist tie, that was still in place and in very good condition.


My husband had the honor of unrolling the letter and discovering the beautiful message that was written inside by a child.


The message reads “Dear Santa I want a giant suffed Monkey! Please Please!”.

There is no signature on the letter, only a wonderfully drawn picture of the gift that the child is asking Santa for.

I want to find the child who wrote this message to Santa to be able to let them know that tomorrow I am going to make a copy of the letter and put it in the mail to Santa. Santa, being the amazingly smart man that he is, will know who wrote the letter and how to find them.

This is a small holiday miracle that my family is blessed to be part of. I wish I could know the identity of the child and to know when it was written. If it was last year then hopefully Santa knew what they wanted and was able to deliver it to the child. If it is this year, I only hope that I am not too late in getting the letter to Santa.

Please help me to find the author of this letter and to let them know that it was passed along to Santa.

Happy Holidays!


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