Raw photos and results of unmolded soaps from S.O.A.P Panel Fragrances

I have unmolded the soaps from the S.O.A.P. Panel and I noticed a huge difference in how the soaps turned out. The first photo is a group shot. These are raw photos; I am working on final ones later today.

 photo allunmolded_zpsf9a192d9.jpg

You can see that the Blue soap, scent #1, had a horrible release. It was still really soft and I did scrape out what was left in the mold and push it back on. I am hoping that it firms ups better in time. What is harder to see is that #5 (red) had a small unmolding issue, as did #4 (purple) and #3 (pink), but those were fairly small.
#2 (green), #7 (yellow), and #6 (brown) had no issues and unmolded perfectly.
Below are the solo images of each soap so that you can see how they turned out. These photos I took in my work area, and I am working on better photos later today on a more uniform background.

 photo 1unmolded_zps94e051e4.jpg

 photo 2unmolded_zps1347781f.jpg
 photo 3unmolded_zps2dcc74a7.jpg
 photo 4unmolded_zps52576386.jpg
 photo 5unmolded_zps5b03be84.jpg
 photo 6unmolded_zpsfd74776f.jpg

 photo 7unmolded_zps4b63b3ba.jpg



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