Soaping with S.O.A.P Fragrances was so much fun

I have used my standard handmade soap recipe to make 7 individual soaps each scented with one of the S.O.A.P fragrances.

I made the soap and mixed it until it just came together. I didn’t want it to get to a trace because I knew that I would need time to make each of the soaps. Plus, I was concerned about #3 being floral and that it would accelerate the trace.

bottles photo Bottles_zps8252fe42.jpg

Each of the scents is numbered and each number is a different color. I colored each soap the same color as the number to help me keep track of which is which. While I am sure the scent would be a giveaway, I wanted a visual reference as well.

 photo FO3_zps29e3569d.jpg

For each of the scents I poured an equal amount into 2 cups. One of the cups I put 1/8 tsp. of colorant, and the other I left natural to see if the fragrance would affect the color of the soap. The photo above is of fragrance #3. I colored it pink because the #3 on the bottle is pink. I poured the soaps into a round muffin mold at the same time so that half of the soap would be natural and half would be colored.

#3 photo 3_zpsccf65be8.jpg

Then I put a small metal spatula in the middle of the soap and gave it a half turn to give the top some character.

I am pleased to report that #3 did not accelerate trace in my recipe, which is nice, because most of the floral scents that I work with do, which makes it hard to get more than one color in the soap.

#6 photo 6_zps2513c10d.jpg
After doing #3 I went back and started with fragrance #1 and then continued on in numerical order.
The blue on the upper right is #1 followed by #2 Green, #3 Pink, #4 Purple, #5 Red, and #6 Brown.

#7 photo 7_zps0b14e3c3.jpg

As I only had 6 cavities in my mold I had to do #7 Yellow in a separate mold.

Right now all of the soaps are well insulated and resting until Friday when I will unmold them, and take more photos. I will also record how the scents held.

The only comment that I had about any of the fragrances was that #4 turned the natural soap slightly yellow. You can’t tell from the photo above, but it was noticeable when I poured the soap. Time will tell if the color remains or is just a passing concern.


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