Whisky Handmade Soap Part 2

The first batch of Whisky Handmade Soap that I made did not unmold well from the square mold. They didn’t release well and the sides and edges were not as clean as I wanted, so I put all of the soap into a pot, cooked it for about an hour and then poured it into a regular mold and cut it into bars. Here is what it looks like.

 photo WhiskyRebatch_zps261e8f6c.jpg

It has had time to cure over the past few weeks and will be ready for final photos, boxing and labeling and listing for sale later this week.

As the soap was so soft, and I really wanted clean edges for this soap I decided to try a different recipe, one that would make for a firmer bar of soap. The recipe that I use for my Bergamot, Mandarin & Oatmeal Handmade Soap is perfect for this mold as it sets up very quickly in the mold. When I make the Bergamot, Mandarin & Oatmeal Handmade Soap I have to make sure that I am around to keep an eye on it as it generally needs to be cut 3-5 hours after it’s in the mold or else it gets too hard to cut and it just crumbles.

This made it the perfect recipe for this mold as I could leave it in the mold for a couple of days and not worry about it as each compartment makes a single soap and I don’t have to cut them. The speckles that you see are the St. George Whisky mash that I incorporate into the soap.
 photo cube1_zps563d35b2.jpg
This is a quick photo of the soaps. I will take photos for my website next week after the soap has had a chance to cure and firm up some more.

I am thrilled with this soap and can’t wait to have it at my first 2 shows of the year that I have booked into: Gardens Galore XIX and 2013 Spring Faire


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