Father’s Day Soap – Part 1

I was looking at the scents that I had purchased for a show that I’m not going to do (it was a themed show, and I had purchased some scents with some specific soaps in mind) I have been trying to figure out how to use them.

I had my husband in my soaping area and had him smell a couple of scents that are more guy than girl (meaning no flowers or light scents) and asked him which one he liked the most. He decisively chose one and then said that it should be dramatic black and white swirled.

I was intrigued and as I dug through my box of colorants I found some black oxide and a silver mica that plays well in handmade soap (not all do – some bleach out and you lose all the color in handmade soap).

Here are the 3 colors ready to mix. I made a batch of my standard recipe soap, divided it in thirds and colored one third with the black oxide, one third with the silver mica, and the last third with titanium dioxide.
 photo Colorstopour_zps3c7127f3.jpg

The black made a very dramatic statement when I poured it into the mold.

 photo Inthemold_zps1398cc6e.jpg
I unmolded it last night and was stunned to see how pretty the swirls were on the outside.

 photo Loaf1_zps1ca7ef83.jpg

The hard part is waiting until the end of the week to cut it. I want to make sure that it has some time to firm up a little more before cutting so that I don’t get drag marks in it.

I’ll keep you posted when I cut it.


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