Jasmine Ombre Soap – will be ready for Mother’s Day – Part 1

Ombre is one of the hottest trends right now. It’s taking a single color and having multiple hues of it layers upon each other. I used that technique to create a lovely soap that will be perfect for a Mother’s Day gift.

This is Part 1 – the making of the soap. I will do a Part 2 when I cut it, which will be later this week.

I started with my base Handmade Lotion Soap Recipe, because all mothers need a little extra pampering. I added some titanium dioxide to the soap to make sure that it would be as white as possible, or to limit any coloring that the oils might create.

 photo Uncolored_zps95d99b71.jpg

The batch was divided evenly between 4 containers. The bottom layer had the greatest amount of color added to it to give it a nice deep pink color. I added the fragrance to each layer as I went to make sure that it didn’t change the consistency of the soap. Luckily, the Jasmine Fragrance Oil that I used played nice and was easy to work with.

 photo Layer1_zpsdb142245.jpg

The second layer received 1/3 less colorant than the first layer. Here I am using my trusty stick blender to mix in the colorant and the fragrance oil. In order to keep the layers as distinct as possible I needed to get the layers to a nice thick trace, which took some extra time with the stick blender.

 photo Layer2_zpsac43d558.jpg

The third layer had 1/2 as much colorant at the second layer. While the photo shows it to be a little on the orange side, it is a lighter shade of pink than the second layer was.

 photo Layer3_zps81e50a13.jpg

The fourth and final layer I poured the white soap into the container that had the third layer in so that I could pick up a hint of the pink without adding any colorant to it. It’s a very pale shade of pink.

 photo Layer4_zpsec6ce509.jpg

After each layer was poured into the mold I wrapped it in towels to insulate it and let it go through a gel phase to keep the colors as bright and vibrant as possible. After unmolding the soap it was a little softer than I was anticipating, so I’m going to allow it to sit until later in the week so that it can firm up some before I cut it. If I cut it too soon there will be noticeable drag marks across the soap.

 photo layers_zps18ebfac1.jpg

Stay tuned for later in the week after I cut the soap. I will post photos of the cut soap and give an anticipated release date for it.



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