A recap of 2 wonderful shows this past weekend

This past weekend I participated in two wonderful shows: Immanuel Lutheran Boutique and Tea and the Sassy Family Clothing Swap and Mini Craft Fair. Every time I do a show, no matter how big or small I always learn something from them. Here is what I learned from this past weekend.

Holiday spirit is all sound us, and spending time with kind, loving, and spirited people can be an amazing gift in itself, and no gift wrap is needed!

It is wonderful to see people who are truly happy to see you. Being in an environment where you are wanted is joyous.

When you plan that things will go less than perfect you don’t get caught up with what life, the weather, and a venue throw you a curve ball. It makes it easier to go with it and look for a newly available path that you may not have seen before. Sometimes it even works out better.

You never know when you will make a new contact or a new friend, so you need to keep your heart and mind open to what is sent your way.

Finally, the holidays are what you make of it. Expect to be happy and joyful and you will find others who are happy and joyful too.

Below are photos from the two shows.

I hope you have a happy holiday season.
Christmas Tea and Boutique

Sassy Family’s Kid’s Swap (Toys and Clothing) and Mini Craft Fair

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