Rosemary Shaving Soap – Changing How You Shave

What do you use to shave with? Shaving cream or gel? Soap? Lotion? Shaving soap? There are many options, but not all options are created equal.

My husband was using regular soap to shave with because he hated shaving cream and gel. He complained that he was getting raiser burn and wasn’t getting a close shave, but didn’t want to go back to a cream/gel. He asked me if there was something that I could do, and I got to work. After about 2 weeks he declared that he had a preferred formula of all the formulas I created.

The formula was a combination of glycerin soap, rosemary essential oil, and kaolin clay. I also poured this soap in round molds because as I was working on it some of my test subjects (friends of the family who tested the soap) said that they wanted to be able to use the soap in a bowl or mug and use a shaving brush with it.

The kaolin clay provides some slip for the razor on the skin, which my husband really likes, and the rosemary essential oil he chose as a more appropriate scent for both men and women.

I find that I like using the Rosemary Shaving Soap, and the Basil Shaving Handmade Soap, when I shave my legs and underarms. I find that it works just as well on my legs and underarms as it does on my husband’s face, and I LOVE that this means that we only have to have one product in the shower for shaving.

I also make a Basil Handmade Shaving Soap which is in a traditional bar shape. It is scented with basil essential oil (this oil has a black licorice aroma to it which is similar to the way that Thai basil smells) and also contains kaolin clay as well as castor oil for a more dense lather than the Rosemary Shaving Soap.

When people ask me which one they should use I say it’s really a personal choice. First, I ask people which scent they prefer – Rosemary or Basil? For many they have a strong preference and that answers the question for them. If they like both then I do ask if the are going to use a shaving brush and mug or lather it in their hands and then apply to the area(s) to be shaved. If they have a preference then it answers their question, and if not, then I suggest they buy both and see which one they like more.

So the next time you need to purchasing a product to help you with shaving consider shaving soap and see how you like it. You may be surprised.

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