Castile Handmade Soap on sale 50% off – wow!

I’m going to keep making Castile Handmade Soap, it’s the soap I use on my children, and the one that my brother in law loves.

So why do I have it on sale? It’s simple. I am no longer going to make Castile in 4 ounce bars, but am moving to 5 ounce bars so that all of my soaps have a uniform look. Because of that I’m selling my 4 ounce bars for an amazing $2.50 each!

It’s crazy, I know, but I need to make room for the 5 ounce bars when they come off the drying rack.

My Castile Handmade Soap is made from 100% olive oil in the European tradition. Many “Castile” soaps sold in the U.S. have olive oil in them, but are not 100% olive oil. We have no laws governing what can be called Castile soap, Europe is very strict about it.

100% olive oil Castile soap has small bubbles for lather. My bars are aged a long time which improves the hardness of the bars, but also improves the quality of the bubbles.

This soap has no fragrance or colors, so if those things irritate your skin this may be the soap for you. It’s gentle enough that I use it on my baby daughter when she needs soap during her bath, and it doesn’t bother her sensitive skin.

Pick up a couple while they last.


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