Would you like to choose where the donation goes? Please vote!

For the Webster Street Jam next weekend I am going to have my Limited Edition Handmade Lotion Soaps available, and $2 from the sale of each soap is going to a worthy cause, but I can’t decided how to decide. Do I just make up my mind, or do I let customers decide when they make their purchase?

The two charities are both very deserving.

The first is Project Open Hand. It provides a daily meal to women undergoing Breast Cancer treatment (as well as those ill with HIV/AIDES, Seniors, and others who are critically ill) in Alameda and San Francisco counties. I was able to benefit from their services when I was undergoing treatment earlier this year, and I want to be able to give back so that they can continue to provide meals to others who need it.

The second is the The Alameda Education Foundation. They raise money to bring art, music, drama, sports, science, technology programs to the students of Alameda Public Schools that have been removed over the years due to budget cuts. As a parent of a child in kindergarten I feel that I need to be able to give back to support these programs for our kids.

So the real question is, do I let people decide when they make a purchase, or do I made the decision? Please vote and tell me how you feel. I will post the results on Friday before the Webster Street Jam.

Thank you.


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