Beach & Ocean Glycerin Soap – Smell’s like you are at the beach!

This is the 2nd in my Limited Edition Soaps – more to come. I just made 2 more today, but those are Handmade Soaps and so will take a while before they are ready. In the mean time……

The fragrance oil that was the inspiration for the Limited Edition soap smells like sand, sea and sunscreen! It inspired me to make this soap and challenge myself to do something different.

I started pouring the ocean floor in a tan opaque glycerin soap. When that firmed up I poured in a thin layer of the blue water and put in the seaweed soap pieces on each side of the mold. Once those held, I poured in a layer of soap, added one of the fish that I had made, and then waited for that to firm up enough that I could add the second fish and fill the mold to the top.

It then had to set it aside for 6 hours before it was ready to unmold, cut, bagged, sealed and labeled. Each bar is unique because I had molded the seaweed, and they curve a bit differently on each bar.

Each bar is 5 ounces.


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