Peach Pie Glycerin Soap – Smells Good Enough to Eat!

I’ve been trying to be creative with creating Limited Edition soaps using fragrance oils that I have been testing to see if I should add them to my regular line. This is one of those soaps, Peace Pie Glycerin Soap.

I started out by pouting peach slices using opaque glycerin soap that I colored peach. Over 1-1/4 pounds of soap peach slices went into this soap. Then I poured the crust using clear glycerin soap and added ground up oatmeal to give it a realistic crust look and scented it with yummy Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance oil. Once that cooled I poured a layer of peach scented and colored clear soap on the crust and then put in some of the peach slices. I continued pouring the peach scented soap and putting in the slices until the mold was full. I then had to set it aside for 6 hours before it was ready to unmold, cut, bagged, sealed and labeled.

This soap smells amazing, just like fresh peach pie. So good that you might want to take a bite out of it, but please don’t. I’m sure it won’t taste as good as it smells.

Each bar is 5 ounces and are only $5.00 each.

More Limited Edition soaps coming soon!

Peach Pie Glycerin Soap


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