Cancer treatments over – moving on with my life & business

I’m now over with my active cancer treatments and have healed from the radiation burns that I received (thank goodness I had my own salve that I made and plenty of different kinds of lotions to try in addition to all the perscription burn creams and healing ointments they gave me) and I’m ready to move on with my life and business and back into the relm of scented products.

During chemotherapy they tell you not to use scented products because they can be irritating to the skin, which is affected by the chemo anyway, but I also found that I only wanted to use unscented products becasue the scents didn’t smell right to my chemo affeted nose. My tastes buds were really damaged as well, but my sense of smell was off for a while.  I just started using scented products again and it’s like learning about them for the first time, all over again! I still like what I used to like, but it smells new, fresh and better than I remembered!

Now that I am on the “survivorship” path of my life (which they tell me is the rest of my life) and adjusting to fewer doctor appointments (I am down to one every couple of months from a high of 3 times a week when undergoing radiation) I am getting back into soap making to prepare for a couple of upcoming shows. I’ll blog more about that in the next few weeks.

I am working on putting together a “Cancer Care” package of some of the products that really helped me during my chemotherapy and radiation to be able to put on my site – and a percentage will go to help women with breast cancer access resources that I was fortunate to be able to use. Again, more on that to come.

So here are some future topics I’m working on for upcoming blogs: Soap Mistakes that should have been obvious and weren’t (this will be a 2 part blog – I made 2 huge mistakes in 1 day, not my best so far), Limited Edition Glycerin Soaps (Beach scent with an undersea scape and Peach Pie that is to die for!), How I Prepare for the Webster Street Jam, and Why I’m Making so many Limited Edition Soaps.

Stay tuned!


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  1. Garfield Gonsar Says:

    Very useful article, I will follow your blog frequently.

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