Had a great show at Temple Israel yesterday – but what makes a great show?

To me a great show is not just about having great sales bumbers – but many other factors as well.

First, all of the volunteers at Temple Iarael were just wonderful! So helpful with setting up, asking if we needed anything, checking in on us during the event, and just being generous with their hospitality.

Second, the other vendors were also so amazing! Friendly, supportive, and just really nice people. It’s great to be at a show when the other vendors are friendly and help each other.

Third, the customers were all in a great mood. To me it doesn’t matter so much if someone makes a purchase (sure, that’s nice too) so much as they are in a good mood and enjoying themselves. It just sets the tone for the show, and makes others around them feel good as well.

Sales were good as well, which is always a bonus, and I found out that my Solid Lotion Bars are so popular that I sold out and had to take orders for them! So I’m working on that this week, along with preparing more stock for another show that I just booked – but more on that tomorrow.

Now you know what makes a good show for me – hope to see you at the next one!


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