Holiday scents – I love them!

Nothing says the holidays have arrived like eggnog. As I look at the batch of Eggnog Handmade Soap sitting in the curing rack I can’t wait to pour some into a glass. But that is something I will have to wait for.

So how can I make Eggnog Handmade Soap now if I can get it yet in the stores? I thought ahead last year and purchased extra, portioned it into single batch sizes and put it into my freezer. There it has sat patiently waiting to become soap. It’s time finally came and now is curing into wonderful smelling soap.

This is another soap that takes extra TLC both because of the dairy but also because of the high sugar content. Because of this I have to freeze the mold and soap to make sure that it doesn’t burn from heating up too much (see Honey, sugar…you really heat me up), but both of these create a more luxurious soap with amazing bubbles. It is also why I start with frozen eggnog so that it doesn’t get too hot when I add the sodium hydroxide to it. This soap takes a lot of time and patience to make, but is well worth it.

Just before pouring the raw soap into the mold I add a luscious smelling eggnog fragrance oil and a touch of titanium dioxide (to counteract some of the browning from the vanilla in the fragrance oil – see How Now Brown Vanilla for more on that).

This batch will have it’s public debut at the Alameda Veterans Holiday Boutique on Friday November 5 and Saturday November 6 at the Veterans Hall at 2203 Central Avenue, Alameda 94501

It will also be on sale starting the following Monday on I’ll blog about it when it is ready!


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