The Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010 – good or not?

The Safe Cosmetic Act of 2010 (Read it Here) could put many small businesses like mine out of business. While it might seem on first glance to be a good thing, there are some unrealistic requirements for small businesses.

Due to it requiring the labeling of all detectable trace elements the price of all products would go up as every supplier would have to test each ingredient they sell of all trace elements – this could vary from lot to lot and the extra expense would end up getting passed on to the consumer.

It would also mean that every recipe would have to be sent out for testing, because I don’t know about every detectable trace element in the canned pumpkin, goat milk, or water (even tap water would have to be tested and what is in it changes during the year depending on where the water I get from my tap comes from) I use in my soap. The cost for this testing would be expensive and would ultimately force me out of business.

Trace ingredients that are considered carcinogens when eaten would be banned. So I can eat an apple, but not put it in a product because they contain a trace amount of cyanide, which your body can process. So just because it is safe to eat doesn’t mean it can be used on the skin.

There also is NO full exemption for small businesses, so all of the requirements that big companies can afford will push small companies out of the market.

So many small business owners like myself are trying to rally against this bill. We hope that this is not just another thing that will hurt our economy and put more people out of work.


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