Cutting Samples for future shows

Every time I make a batch of soap in my large log mold I always have 1 bar that is shorter than the others. Sometimes I will package these as end bars and sell them for a discount, but recently I have been cutting them into sample sizes to give away at shows.

Each sample is packaged in a small zip top bag and then stapled to one of my business cards with a coupon on the back good for a future web purchase. I usually hand these out to people who take a look but don’t buy, but also to those who pass by my booth. Occasionally I’ll give them out to people who want to just try soap because of sensitive skin.

I have a few shows coming up later this year, with one being a big show: Webster Street Jam in Alameda, CA on September 11-12, 2010. There are between 15,000-20,000 people who attend, and I plan on giving away about 1,000 samples that weekend. That’s a lot of samples! So I’m starting now to make sure that I have enough to go around and to meet my goal.

I also put samples into each website order placed, and I try to give each order something different than what they ordered.

So see me at a future show and you just might get a sample!

Webster Street Jam


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