It’s a soapy day today!

I just got in from my workshop where I cut 2 batches of soap (Lime & 2 Coconut, and Apple & Spice) and made 2 more (Absinthe and Peppermint Twist). I’ve got to stock up for a show that I have in September and also for orders along the way, so I’m heading into a high gear soaping period.

I love being in my workshop making soap – it’s so relaxing, even when things aren’t going quite the way I want them too, or I put something in the wrong place (I couldn’t find the green colorant for the Absinthe because it wasn’t in my color box, but hidden on the shelf with the essential oils). It is so rewarding to see the raw soap sitting in the molds and waiting to get covered so that they get a good rest and set before being unmolded, cut and set to cure for 4 weeks.

So, if you need me I’ll be in my soap workshop for the next few weeks, but here and there as well!


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