Absinthe and fairies and soap….oh my!

Last night we participated in the St. George Absinthe Night at St. George Spirits here in Alameda, CA. It was a fun night with lots of Absinthe cocktails, and of course Absinthe neat as well as on the rocks. We didn’t do much drinking, but had our new Absinthe Handmade Soaps there (which I will be releasing later this week – so look for that).

My Absinthe Handmade Soap is made with real St. George Absinthe Verte and then scented with Absinthe fragrance oil and has a green color that is unique from batch to batch (just like the color of the Absinthe is different in color from batch to batch).

I’m thinking about adding a full line of Absinthe products, but haven’t made that jump yet – but if you tell me that you are interested in Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Sugar or Salt Scrubs, Foaming Hand & Body Wash, or Soy Candles scented with Absinthe I will take that into consideration – or possibly make you a custom batch – depending on where I am in the process.

We hope to be back at the next St. George Absinthe Night and hope to see you (but not the fairies) there!


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