Chocolate Handmade Soap – so very popular!

I’m selling more Chocolate Handmade Soap right now then any other product, and to keep up with demand I just poured another batch of it.  Each batch makes 18 bars and it seems that I pour a batch of this soap so often I almost don’t have to look at the recipe (I do of course, but so much of the recipe is in my head).

With the pouring of this last batch I’m off to get more supplies, like Cocoa Powder and Cocoa Butter that I need to make more of this popular soap.

I sell equal amounts on my website as I do on my listing for it – which I I love!

Tomorrow I will unmold it and set it to cure for 4 weeks before I box it and label it and put it on my inventory shelves ready for sale. But don’t worry, I still have it in stock!

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