Testing out some new Fragrance Oil Samples

I just got some fragrance oil samples from a new supplier and quickly made them into soap to see how each will work. I got some unusual scents (like Bacon –  this was a request from my sister who wants gifts for some friends –  or Absinthe – the first Absinthe sold in in the US after it was made legal was in my hometown of Alameda, CA) but also some scents that I carry such as Cucumber-Melon, Bergamot & Mandarin, Champagne, Red Wine, and the 2 new ones to try – Coconut and Bay Rum.

I made a master batch of soap and then portioned it into my round and heart individual molds to see what they would do and how they will act. They are still in the mold and I will take them out tomorrow and take photos. Can’t wait to see how they smell!


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