Soap Swap Woes

I had this great idea for a soap to make for a upcoming swap that I’m going to participate in. It was a great idea – a flower with a different colored center made out of handmade soap. So I got started.

I poured the round centers in a mini muffin pan, unmolded them, put them in a flower mold, made the pink part for the flowers, poured it, put it in the freezer. All was well. Then the disaster. When I went to unmold the soaps only 1 came out undamaged. Ugh. They were all missing little pieces off the petals, and don’t look great – but the smell amazing! I scented them with “Sunny Currants” which is a sweet currant smell (and I just found out it will be discontinued by my supplier, so this will probably be the last of it that I have).

So, now I’m on to plan B. Making plaid glycerin soap. It’s in the mold cooling right now. I’ll unmold it tomorrow and see what happens. I hope this works out so that I don’t have to go to a plan C!


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