Help name my Neroli Handmade Soap

I’m looking to name my Neroli Handmade Soap (and other items made with Neroli fragrance oil) something other than Neroli and want your input. Vote on a name below, or if you don’t like any of these names post a comment with the name you like better.

Leave me a comment with why you chose the name you chose and I will select one comment at random on March 20, 2010 to receive a free bar of Neroli Handmade Soap!


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12 Responses to “Help name my Neroli Handmade Soap”

  1. Babs Says:

    Neroli is a bit regal so the “contessa” is perfectly Italian upper crust, the citrus imparts the notes to the customer and it’s all with a bit of whimsey saying “don’t take me too seriously”!

  2. Marj Gray Says:

    I agree with Babs. It’s fun, Italian, a little sophisticated and frisky at the same time.

  3. Issaac Michaelson Says:

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  4. Stinky Dancer "Danica" Says:

    I went with contessa too! It sounds exotic to me and it’s very creative. It also describes the fragrance so if people don’t know what Neroli smells like, they know that’s it’s a citrus.

    The name is intriguing!
    Hmmm- where’s my friend Sneaky when you need her. She is awesome at naming soap. LOL

  5. diane Says:

    They were all really good names so I gave you the french version just to give you one more idea to think about!

  6. Dakota09 Says:

    I chose Contessa di Citrus because it sounds elegant, Contessa and Citrus are familiar words plus when you say it aloud, it is easy to say and just kind of rolls off the tongue (if you know what I mean). I actuallly felt rather sophisticated when I said it. lol I think a lot of people might have difficulty pronouncing Arancia (How do you pronounce it?) When you say L’Orange Blossom out loud, it just doesn’t sound right. I don’t know how to explain it. Orange Royale makes me think of Lifesaver’s soft candies that I buy at WalMart. Neroli is too plain.

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