Waiting for the FedEx truck today

Today I’m waiting for the FedEx truck to bring me supplies from 2 different suppliers.

The first one that I’m expecting contains Fragrance Oils (FO’s) and Essential Oils (EO’s). Some of them are to restock current scents that I’m using, but there are also 3 new scents that I’m anxiously anticipating: Chai Tea, Rain, and a Neroli blend. I have big plans for all three of those scents, especially with the Rain that I have plans for an entire collection for Father’s Day as it’s a fresh clean scent that will appeal to men. The Neroli blend has been my signature personal scent for years and after having people ask me about it I’ve decided to add it to my line (will be released end of March). Chai Tea is a favorite drink of mine and adding a line that contains this scent seems like a perfect match. The handmade soap will contain real brewed Chai Tea as well as cream and sugar for an extra luxurious soap.

The second package contains micas, colorants and Shea Butter for my new Whipped Body Butter (which I will be releasing later this week, so be on the lookout for it). I also ordered some lip product bases to play with and see if that is something I want to add to my line in the future.

Can’t wait for that truck to pull up so that I can start to play with all the new items I ordered!

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