Soap Balls – cut!

I unmolded the soap today and cut it and wow, was I surprised! Usually mica doesn’t hold up it’s shimmery quality in handmade soap like this, but it’s beautiful! I was also surprised about the soap balls and how great they cam out!


Each slice is unique and wonderfully creative! I can’t wait until they cure and I can try one out! Don’t worry, I will have these available for sale towards the end of March so that you can get your own special edition soap – and I will trim them up a bit before they go on sale. Can’t wait until I have more soap scraps to try a different technique with!


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2 Responses to “Soap Balls – cut!”

  1. honeybeesoaps Says:

    The balls look great. I really like the contrasting colors, nice soap!

  2. thesoapaddict Says:

    These look really nice – very creative!

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