Not all Lime essential oils are created equal

But than again this is true for any essential oil (or EO). Awhile ago I purchased a Lime EO from a supplier that I purchase some of my fragrance oils from because they had it at a less expensive price as well as my usual supplier was out of Lime EO at the time I placed an order with them. I was not satisfied with the color of the Lime EO (it was a army green and the Lime EO that I usually get is more clear with a pale green color) and had a very different smell to it right out of the bottle.

It did turn the soap a darker shade of green from the natural color of the oil which still made for a pretty bar, but it was not what I was looking for. It also took a little more titanium dioxide to whiten up the white part of the soap because of the increase in green color.

Because of this I am going back to my original supplier and making sure that I always buy enough Lime EO to have on hand in case they run out again in the future. It was a good lesson not to change supplier because of a slight difference in price, and to always make sure that I have enough supplies on hand because you never know when a supplier will be out of something that you need.

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