Wine Soap – New Challenges

Making Red Wine Handmade Soap brings new challenges as I push the boundaries of this fun and interesting soap. I recently obtained some red wine from a local winery that was left over a the end of their bottling process. The wine has quite a bit of sediment in it from the normal wine making process and several batches have been made to test this wine.

After being boiled to remove some of the alcohol as too much makes the soap seize, I noticed that after the boiling process the wine seems more acidic which makes for a slightly softer soap. This is due to the fact that some of the sodium hydroxide gets used up in neutralizing the acid in the wine and is not then available to turn the oils into soap.

Future batches will involve testing the Ph of the boiled win and then adjusting the amount of the sodium hydroxide to make the wine neutral before using it to make soap. I’ll let you know how future batches turn out as I test and adjust the Ph of the soap.


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