Coffee Soap with scent – comming soon!

After numerous comments from customers that the Coffee Handmade Soap didn’t smell much like coffee ( I was trying to keep it all natural, but that didn’t seem to work for some customers) I now have a batch of Coffee Handmade Soap curing and it will be available next week online. I added the Coffee Handmade Soap on request from a customer and it has been a great seller at the Farmer’s Market as well as other shows.

I found a great smelling coffee fragrance oil that smells just like a fresh brewed cup of coffee and added a small amount to the batch. The results, a great bar of soap with the gentle scent of coffee. Not too overpowering and now the soap smells like coffee.

This continues to be my sister’s favorite bar of soap. She says that the coffee grounds in the soap feel like someone running their fingernails gently over her skin – which she loves!

I’ll let you all know when this becomes available next week.


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One Response to “Coffee Soap with scent – comming soon!”

  1. organic handmade soap Says:

    Thanks for the info! I recently got some pieces from someone’s ‘trash’. I can now start refinishing them!

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