Any flight you can walk away from is a good one….or is it?

It was a harrowing flight the other day coming into to SFO and not one that I would ever want to repeat. After a 90 minute delay leaving Boston due to a fuel pump that wasn’t working we had quite a turbulent ride across the county, but it wasn’t that bad – there was just a lot of weather and we fought a strong head wind coming back.

With all of the storms that were going on in the area we knew that it might be a bumpy landing, but that would have been a joy compared to what we got.

Just as we came down out of the cloud cover at about 15oo feet and were approaching the runway we pulled up suddenly and had 2 episodes of falling several hundred feet in the air, which scared my 3 year old son pretty bad (thank goodness we always fly with a car seat for him – I hate to think what would have happened if he had just been using a regular seat belt – we probably would have ended up in the hospital with him) and also the rest of us in the plane. Turns out there was a good amount of wind shear that we had encountered at that time. They temporarily shut down the airport and diverted us to LAX – not Sacramento as many of us were hoping.

After 4 hours on the ground in LAX (they did let people get off the plane, but we choose to stay on, because we were afraid that our son would not want to get back on the plane if we got off, and the flight attendants were the BEST while we were on the plane) we refueled, got a whole new crew and flew back into SFO.

The take-off was bumpy and we had a few minutes where my son was pretty freaked out by it saying “Mommy, it’s scary!” – which it was after what we had just gone through – but we landed in SFO with no other major issues.

So it only took us 14 hours to get from Boston to San Francisco – which was a longer day than I had wanted – but we made it home safely and I guess that’s what matters at the end of the day.

I’m back to making soap today and it’s good to be back in the workshop!


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