To wrap or not to wrap…..

Ok, so my current delegate is whither or not to wrap my CP soap in plastic. I know, many people will tell you not to because “soap needs to breath”. While this is true, mine is not usually in the wrap that long before it finds a home.

The issues really comes up at Farmer’s Market where it’s hard for people to smell through the plastic. But one of my reasons for doing so are some of my unscented soaps (Like Goatmilk & Oatmeal) will absorb the scent of others near them. So I’m in a quandary.

As I make new batches I will try just putting a label on them (which will save me time and resources), but I have to think about my display and how to keep the scents from “bleading” into other soaps.

I plan to think about this while I am on vacation and hope to have some thoughts when I return.


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One Response to “To wrap or not to wrap…..”

  1. Ruth Says:

    I’m currently thinking about the same thing. I recently found out about a biodegradable shrink wrap that is sold by And you can get it perforated, so that the scent comes through even better. It’s really attractive to me. I like it because I want customers to be able to see the entire bar, instead of a little peek through the boxes that I use now.

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