Not all lime Essential Oils are equal

Yesterday and today I made 2 batches of soap where I used Lime Essential Oil – and I knew that I didn’t have enough from 1 supplier to finish so I thought I would try some that I had bought from a different supplier. Wow, what a difference!

My usual supplier’s Lime EO smells fresh and clean, and to my sister a bit like a lime hard candy (the round one with the hole in the middle), but once I soap with it it’s just clean and fresh to me. It’s also basically clear.

The Lime EO that I bought from a different supplier smells more – well – like lime peel and it’s a green/brown color that I wasn’t expecting.

So what did I do? I blended the two oils for a more uniform smell. My usual one is the one that you can smell, but the color was interesting. When I put it into the raw soap it turned yellow – which doesn’t usually happen. Don’t worry,  raw soap isn’t always the same color as cured soap. And since I put green mica and titanium dioxide in these soaps the color will mellow during the curing process.

The end result. Even though the other supplier is less expensive (but it takes over a week to ship, where my regular supplier I get orders in 2-3 days) I will stick with my current supplier for consistency. But it sure was fun playing with the other one!

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