Filling up the bottles

I’m currently working on filling up and labeling bottles for my upcomming shows and will have a few new scents to add to my line for the holidays and fall. So here they are, and look for them on my site soon!

Candy Corn: I know, how amazing is that? Candles, Lotion, Bath & Shower Gel and it will be the scent for some cool Glycerin soaps for the kids (think spiders and pumpkins) and those that are kids at heart!

Eggnog: rich and creamy, just like eggnog should be! I will have it in handmade soap (2 kinds, some scented and some unscented, but both made with real dairy eggnog!), Lotion, Bath & Shower Gel & candles!

Pumpkin Pie: yep, smells just like the real thing! Will be available in Lotion, Bath & Shower Gel & candles!

Spiced Apple: Nothing says fall like a spiced apple! Candles, Glycerin Soaps, Lotion & Bath & Shower Gel.

I hope to have photos of the new items soon and will post them as I make the items!


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