I hate misinformation!

I was reading a blog on another site and was amazed by the claim that the person made about their soaps saying that they use no chemicals in the making of their soaps, and I had to shake my head. Clearly they missed that day in Chemistry class when they talked about the fact that even water is a chemical. Basically anything that is not an element on the periodical table is a chemical.

Ok, so I’ll give this person a pass when it comes to not know that water is a chemical – but the sodium hydroxide that is used to turn oils into soap IS a chemical and can be dangerous if not handled and measured corretly. We have to use chemicals to make soap. Otherwise we would just be puting oil on our skin.

Not to mention this person scents their soaps with some essential oils and some fragrance oils. Both of which are chemicals.

Please be aware when someone is telling you that their product is great because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals remember that even something in a small dose that can be good for you can be bad in larger doses.  A small amount of clove in baked goods adds great flavor, too much and it can make your tongue and mouth numb.

It is just sad when someone feels that they have to scare others with false claims to get them to buy their product.


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One Response to “I hate misinformation!”

  1. Renewable Chemicals Says:

    I agree with you.

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