Making lots of soap!

Now that I’m in the Webster Street Jam I’ve been working on making lots of soap so that I will have plenty to sell. Some of what I’ve been making is standard stock, and some of it will be special at the Jam and Farmer Markets in the weeks after. It’s allowing me to be creative in making new soaps, but also to use up some scents that I only have a little of and don’t plan on carrying in my regular product line.

This weekend I’ve made Salty Lime Soaps, Salty Beer Soap (yes, made with real beer! No, you won’t smell like beer!), Sunset Glycerin Soap (it’s a lovely tri-color bar), Paradise Glycerin Soap (Blue chunks in a purple-pink soap), Lilly of the Valley Glycerin Soap (3 shades of purple), and Peppermint Snowflake Soap (I know, kind of early for winter soaps).

I plan to unvail my fall/winter line during that weekend, so I’ve started working on that too!

I’ll post photos in the next few days of what I’ve been working on!

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