I’m not afriad of color anymore!

In the past I have been in awe of the multi-colored swirls that other soapers make. I’ve been afraid to take the color plunge until today. Here is my first attempt at the multi-swirl color technique.

First, I measured my colors and mixed them with a small amount of glycerin to help disperse them in the soap.

Then once I mixed the lye solution with the oils & scented the entire batch I poured about 4 ounces into each of the cups with color and mixed the soap in.

Then I poured a small amount of each of the colors into the mold.

I topped that layer with a layer of the uncolored soap, another layer of color, another layer of uncolored soap and then a final layer of colored soap. Then I swirled the colors together, covered it and it is in the gelling process right now.


Hope to cut it tomorrow or Tuesday. I will post pictures when it’s been cut!


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One Response to “I’m not afriad of color anymore!”

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