Foaming Hand & Body Wash – why I love it

My son LOVES to wash his hands, and for him the best part of all is the soap. He loves to be able to play with the soap/ When he was first learning to w wash his hands I had the Bath & Shower Gel and found that he used way too much of it, and most of it ended up going down the drain slipping off his hands. Soon after that I switched to my Foaming Hand & Body Wash (he prefers the Key Lime scented one) and we use so much less soap now when he washes his hands!

Just 1 pump is all he now uses and it makes a bottle last for more than a month of hand washing, where before I was going through more than a bottle a week! And what is even better than that – he loves the instant bubbles that the foamer makes, so he depends less time playing with the soap then when we were using the Bath & Shower Gel.


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