Non-browning Vanilla

I found that my favorite fragrance oil supplier has a vanilla fragrance oil that is supposed to not turn brown in handmade soap! I’m so excited! I just got a small aount of it and am planning on doing some testing with it this weekend.

Why am I so excited? Well, since vanilla fragrance oil generally turns products tan to brown I haven’t been able to use it in handmade soap that I want to keep white. But now that I have this non-browning vanilla I can start working on a Gingerbread & Cream soap using the scraps from the Gingerbread Guest Soaps and us those in a new handmade soap so that I don’t waste the scraps from this soap. But I didn’t want to use a frangrance oil that would turn the “cream” part tan, I wanted greater contrast, and now I hopefully whill have it.

I’ll keep you posted!


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