Please, don’t use that on your skin!

Often, people who are learning to make their own bath and body products look at the price of fragrance oils and get sticker shock. As they wonder the craft store in search of more affordable options they often end up in the candle and potpourri isle and look at the large bottle of liquid potpourri and think that they can use this instead.

DON’! Potpourri oil is not made out of chemicals that are generally considered skin safe. While some people may use them without a reaction, these chemicals are not tested for use on the skin, and therefore may contain chemicals that you don’t want to rub on your body.

So if you are considering trying to scent a product that you already have, or are venturing into the world of bath and body products buy fragrance oils that are skin safe. How will you know? They should say skin safe. If they don’t say that they are skin safe, or safe for bath & body use don’t use it on your skin!

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