No, don’t seize!

When good soap goes bad. That would be the subtitle of a bad novel written by a soapmaker.

When soap seizes it goes from being perfectly good soap that is coming together and tracing nicely to a thick floppy mess that you can hardly get out of your soap kettle and into a mold fast enough.

When does it happen is a soapmaker nightmare because that batch of soap will need to usually be re-batched in order to make it attractive. Usually in an attempt to get it into a mold the soap ends up with large air pockets and has a lumpy texture.

When does this happen? It’s usually the result of a fragrance or essential oil that causes the problem. Often fragrance oil manufacturers will post this information, when known, on their site, but if you are the firs to try a particular fragrance in cold process soap you won’t know until it’s too late.

When you live fragrance oil and really want to make it into cold process soap you can add it to the oils before the lye is added, and you can soap at a very cool temperature, but this doesn’t guarantee that it will work.

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