Gingerbread Soaps – bubble test done!

So after lots of testing of the guest size gingerbread soap (test batch #1) – which involved lots of washing of my hands and those of my family and friends we decided that the bubbles are great!  The molasses is doing it’s job in helping to create a rich, dense lather that feels great on the hands. The size is also good. I cut each soap to be about 2 inches long by about 1-1/2 inches wide and they hold up well after even a small cure time.

What does this mean? That it’s full steam ahead for test batch #2 which will involve trying a gingerbread fragrance oil and seeing how it performs.

What am I looking for when testing a fragrance oil with cold process soap? Just a few things: Does the scent stick? Does it act funny ( seize, rice, etc) when making the raw soap? Does it change the color of the final soap? How does it affect the texture of the final soap (crumble, oily, spongy, etc)? All of these are important factors that determine if I will use a certain fragrance oil in a final soap product.

Stay tuned fore more updates on this soap.


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