Why soy? (For candles that is)

I’ve often been asked why I have chosen to use soy wax instead of traditional paraffin wax. I used to have all kind of long winded reasons, but I’ve finally distilled it down to just a few that I’ll share with you here.

1. It’s all natural – no petroleum products and it’s made from a renewable resource
2. It’s soap and water washable – that’s not true for paraffin waxes
3. It always pours a beautiful candle that doesn’t need to be touched up

And my favorite reason: It’s made in the USA!

Ok, so now that you’ve heard the reason’s that I love it you should also know that it’s the most popular style of candle at my house. I’ve got them everywhere! And I adore them!

Bring a little light to your life with candles!


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One Response to “Why soy? (For candles that is)”

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