We package peanut free!

No, this doens’ t have to do with food allergies. I just don’t ever ship products with those peanut-things that you seems to get in so many  these days. Why? Well, first they just annoy me, and they fly around in the smallest amount of wind. But mostly it’s because I don’t want to add things to the landfill that will take several generations to break down.

So when I ship a package I only use recyclable or biodegradable materials. Usually I use crumpled up newspaper, or even air popped popcorn (but don’t eat it – I can’t vouch for it’s safety to eat – but it’s fine to put in your compost bin!). Mostly I like newspaper because I can recycle it and give it one more use – and I hope when you buy from me you will also recycle the box and packaging to help the cycle.


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