Research is fun, but time consuming

I do a lot of research around soap making, and from time to time I make changes based on that research. It might be adding or subtracting a scent, working on a new item or product line, or looking into what the hottest trend is for the season. It can often lead to frustrating and conflicting information (florals are hot for summer or florals are out, fruit scents are in – which do you believe?).

It can also be difficult when what is hot for scents are ones that are not personal favorites – how do you get creative about a scent that you don’t enjoy? When that happens I try to ask my husband, sister and friends for their advice on what I should do with it. They are often my best resources and also give me good honest feedback about what they think are good and bad ideas.

They are also my guinea pigs. I just gave my sister 3 bars of soap to try for me and am awaiting her responses. My husband has 2 shaving soaps that he is testing for me, and has told me that 1 is great, the other gunks up his razor – which tells me how to adjust my formula. I also gave it to him in different scents to see what he prefers. He’s still undecided on those.

It can take from 10-50 hours of active work for a product to go from concept to ready to sell, and many never do. It’s a challenge that I enjoy working on daily!


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