Curing Soap – what does it mean?

I’ve been asked to explain what it means to cure soap, so here it goes (this is for all of you who didn’t take Chemistry, or who did and it was still a mystery).

When you make soap you mix oils/fats and a lye solution and they make soap when you mix them in the right way. The initial soap you make is called “raw” soap. That means that you can use it if you want, but it’s harsh because all of the lye hasn’t worked it’s mojo on the fats to create soap. That process takes some time. How much time? Well, that depends on the soap.

So part of the curing time is to finish allowing that process to happen and your “raw” soap to turn into soap. But curing also does something else – it usually creates better lather. As the soap cures it matures and often produces a richer, creamier lather in the process (kind of like good cheese that ages – it has more character – same is true for soap).

The bar of soap will also become harder as some of the water used to make the soap evaporates.

Hope that helps! If you have questions feel free to ask.

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