#10 Weekly Blog Soap Special

Each week we will have 1 soap on sale for 20% off so check back each Monday to see what the special is for that week. Just enter the code WEEKLYSOAP each week. The soap on sale will change, but we will never change the code as long as we run this sale!

This week it is our Orange-Chocolate Handmade Soap – 100% Natural. Our first 2 layer soap! We start it as one batch, scent it with Orange Essential Oil and then divide the batch in half. The first half has cocoa powder mixed in and then poured into the mold. The second half has tumeric (for natual color) mixed in and then carefully poured on top of the chocolate layer. The result is that each bar is different and unique in it’s look as each one is hand poured by this two pour process.

So order some this week and get 20% off. Good only until 05/10/09. Sales tax will be applied to purchase prior to discount being taken.


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