Mother’s Day Soaps & Gift Packages

Ok, I know that I said that I was going to limit new things that I add, but I wanted to make something available just for Mother’s Day for those who need something to give (either in person or to have mailed to) their mother. As a mother myself I was looking for something I would want myself, so here is what I’ve put together.

Celebrate Mother Soap – Glycerin soap with silk powder added and with a sparkling pink tint to it scented with Perfectly Pomegranate (CLICK HERE to see description based on scent poll). Each bar is 3 ounces of soap and is $2.99

Twice as Nice – a duo of hand& body lotion and Bath & Shower Gel scented and colored as well. The duo is $14.99 (a discount of over 20%).

Time for Mom – A 10 ounce of Crystal Bath Salts in Perfectly Pomegranate to help her relax in the tub is $5.99

Flame of Strength – a new soy candle in a travel tin just for Mom. This 6 ounce candle is $5.99

All My Love – buy Mom the whole package! 1 bar of glycerin soap, Duo of Hand & Body Lotion and Bath & Shower Gel, Tube of Crystal Bath Salts and soy candle for the great price of $22.99 – that’s over 23% off if you bough each item separately.   We will also offer the package (sorry, not individual components) in Vanilla or Tranquility


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