Honey, sugar…you really heat me up!

No, I’m not talking about my husband, but about adding sugars to soaps. When you add sugar in some form (honey, sweetened condensed milk, Egg nog, etc) to soap the sugar causes the gelling process to be hotter then it normally would. This can cause cracks in the top as the hotter soap expands more, or can also cause the soap to be darker in color as the heat cooks the sugar (think caramelized sugar). It’s not unusual to put soap into a refrigerator or outdoors (if you live where the temperature drops into the 30’s) and not let it go through a gel, or to keep the gel cooler than normal. I’ve even heard about people putting soap into the freezer for a day or two (but I never have that much space in my freezer to try it).

So any time you see a soap that has honey (like my Oatmeal & Honey Handmade Soap), or sugar (Eggnog Handmade Soap) added to remember that we took extra love and care to make that soap to keep it from getting too hot and ruining the soap


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