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You might see me write about a batch that has gone bad, and that I will usually try and salvage it with a process call rebatching. This process is not only for Cold Process (CP) soaps that didn’t quite work out as intended, it is also a process that can be done when you take perfectly fine CP or Hot Process (HP) soap and make it into a new soap.

The process is generally the same for both initial types of soap. The soap that is being rebatched is grated or cut into small pieces and mix with a small amount of liquid (water, cream, aloe juice, etc) and allowed to sit to give the soap time to absorb the liquid. Then the soap and liquid is cooked slowly over low heat until the soap reaches the Vaseline or rope stage and is easily malleable and workable. Then the soap is scented, colored and put into molds to cool and then cut. Rebatched soap needs less time to cure because is usually made with fully saponified soaps.

Many times soap makers will rebatch a batch of soap that didn’t turn out as well as desired to make it into a usable batch of soap. It may allow the soap maker to take something that was unusable and turn it into a usable batch of soap. Sometimes soap makers use this method to make a different kind of soap out of a batch of soap, or when they are looking for soap with a different texture.


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